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Confidence- the biggest step to becoming an effective OT.

CONFIDENCE- It is no coincidence ''confidence'' is the VERY FIRST foundation concept in my "CONNECT TO GROW" framework for effective paediatric OT.

Professional confidence refers to a set of inter and intra-personal skills that an OT harnesses in order to achieve results which are not just "good" but are truly effective and perhaps even "transformational'' for clients.

A confident OT gets results because they:

  • Have clarity on what Occupational Therapy is and is not. They are able to explain their Occupational Therapy role to others in an understandable way.

  • Use clinical reasoning which is solidly based in Occupational Therapy. i.e.: they step into their professional uniqueness and proudly "think like an OT" .

  • Value that their client is the expert in their own lives.

  • Take a collaborative approach with clients.

  • Feel comfortable to lean-in, engage with, and truly LISTEN to their clients priorities, strengths and needs.

  • Are able to set reasonable expectations and boundaries with clients and colleagues with kindness and clarity.

  • Are flexible in thought and are able to do things in different ways as needed.

  • Know when to harness non-OT strategies and techniques and/or refer on to others.

  • Comfortable asking for help.

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