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Hi Paediatric OTs!

Joanna Caton: Occupational Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and Mentor.

"My mission is to support Occupational Therapists to feel confident, energised and skilled in their paediatric careers."


Above the Clouds

Supervision + Mentoring

I combine reflective supervision with the CONNECT TO GROW mentoring model: a structure to guide ongoing professional development and clinical practice.

Clinical supervision is a requirement for all AHPRA registered Occupational Therapists. Quality supervision is more than simply "talking about cases" with someone who has more experience than you. Quality supervision should be provided by someone who has supervision-specific training, has relevant clinical experience and is able to work in a safe and reflective manner which meets your learning needs. Mentoring offers the added opportunity to explore other professional goals and challenges via conversation, sharing of wisdom and reflection. 

Click below to learn more about how I provide supervision and mentoring services.

Keyboard and Mouse

Learn From Me

I am committed to helping our professionals sustain healthy careers in a long term manner. I offer a range of reflections and learnings via my blog and social media. I encourage you to  "Connect To Grow" with me!

My Story

This year I celebrate 25 years since I began my first Occupational Therapy job!

Like you, I am an occupational therapist working with children and families. I am also an experienced clinical supervisor and mentor with a background of work in multidisciplinary and occupational therapy-specific teams.

  I believe OT can make a big impact on client's daily lives and over the years I have seen the value and recognition of occupational therapy within our community grow .  However, I  remember times  when I felt overwhelmed, unsure of what I was supposed to be doing and confused about how to help my clients. In fact, at one stage I succumbed to burn-out and considered leaving OT altogether. My saving grace was a mentor who helped me find my purpose, play to my profession's strengths and enjoy the benefits of seeing the transformation in my clients lives. My mentor was not an OT- rather my work manager who also happened to have lived-experience of disability. He taught me to lean-in to what is ACTUALLY important in client's day to day lives and to LISTEN before jumping to conclusions. My hope is that you will also begin to embrace OT, feel clear on your purpose and be confident to add effective strategies to your therapy tool box.


 Need a quick and easy way to explain your OT role? 

"Occupational therapy is all about helping children to participate in their daily activities with satisfaction and greater independence. Activities and routines are also known as 'occupations' with some examples being: self-care, learning, play and leisure". 

That  is a super- short version. 99% of the time this is ALL you need to say. STOP trying to add complex layers and jargon in your explanations and instead- let our expertise in daily occupation shine through! 


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